HSK is a standardized testing system for Mandarin Chinese.
It has 6 levels (HSK 1 to 6).
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HSK 1 Vocabulary (beginner)
HSK 1 has 150 words. It is for those just starting to learn Mandarin Chinese.
HSK 2 Vocabulary (novice)
HSK 2 has 300 words. It is for learners who understand and can use simple Chinese words and phrases and already have a firm grasp on pinyin, tones, and how characters work.
HSK 3 Vocabulary (lower intermediate)
HSK 3 has 600 words. It is for learners that have a good grasp of basic Chinese and can talk about simple routine tasks and can engage in basic conversations.
HSK 4 Vocabulary (intermediate)
HSK 4 has 1200 words. It is for learners who are able to have simple conversations in everday settings such as work, school, or travel.
HSK 5 Vocabulary (advanced)
HSK 5 has 2500 words. It is for learners who can fluently have conversations on a wide range of topics with native speakers.
HSK 6 Vocabulary (expert)
HSK 6 is for learners who are able to read some news articles and novels, watch movies and tv shows, listen to radio and podcasts in Chinese.