Chinese Grammar is fairly straight forward due to its lack of inflection and conjugation. It does still require some effort to learn proper Chinese Grammar.
We have 6 levels of Chinese grammar that correspond to the HSK levels.
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Grammar level 1 (beginner)
It is for those just starting to learn Mandarin Chinese with no foundation in grammar.
Grammar level 2 (novice)
It is for learners who understand and can use simple Chinese words and phrases and already have a firm grasp on the most basic grammar structures
Grammar level 3 (lower intermediate)
It is for learners that have a good grasp of basic Chinese and can talk about simple routine tasks and can engage in basic conversations with only a few grammatical mistakes.
Grammar level 4 (intermediate)
It is for learners who are able to have simple conversations in everday settings such as work, school, or travel rarely making mistakes with common grammatical stuctures.
Grammar level 5 (advanced) In Progress
It is for learners who can fluently have conversations on a wide range of topics with native speakers only making mistakes with more complicated grammatical stuctures.
Grammar level 6 (expert) In Progress
For learners who are able to read some news articles and novels, watch movies and tv shows, listen to radio and podcasts in Chinese. Grammatical points focus more on written Chinese.