Mandarin Chinese HSK2 Course

level: HSK2

This course is for someone who has already passed the HSK1 or knows about 150 words. This course will help you build your vocabulary and show you some more complicated sentence structures and grammar points.

  1. Driver, I want to go to the airport
  2. What do you do every day?
  3. What do you like to do the most?
  4. Have you gotten a bit better?
  5. How did you celebrate the birthday?
  6. Can you please tell me how to get to the hotel?
  7. Today is colder than yesterday, you should wear another piece of clothing
  8. Did you guys have fun?
  9. How was your test?
  10. Things are too expensive nowadays
  11. Welcome to my home
  12. I want to set up two SIM cards

FourthTone mandarin courses are a structured way to learn Mandarin Chinese. Each lesson introduces new vocabulary and grammar that suits your level. The lessons use the new vocabulary and grammar in dialogues or monologues. All of the content comes with characters, pinyin, audio, and translations making it easy for you to progress quickly.

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