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Why use FourthTone Mandarin?

Our growing library of dynamic content, built in dictionary, grammar modules, and vocabulary memorization system are all built to help you improve your Chinese in a convenient and enjoyable manner.

news article
Our Chinese articles cover news and current events on a wide variety of topics. The articles are level specific so you can find articles that interest you regardless of your level.
Our Chinese courses can help you gradually build up your Mandarin level. Lessons are structured to reinforce previously learned vocab and grammar while introducing new content.
Our infographics cover a variety of subjects and can be used to quickly learn topic specific vocabulary accompanied by example sentences.
Our system has grammar built into into. You can learn grammar with lessons and articles as you go along or you can go directly to the level separated grammar points.
HSK Vocabulary
A lot of students are preparing for the HSK so we have split out HSK vocabulary into its own section. You can go through HSK vocabulary by level and track your pregress.
Learning System
We use a spaced repitition system to help you learn new words and make sure you don't forget them. After saving a word it will periodically show up in your study sessions, with the interval increasing after each succeful review. This continues until you have mastered the word.