Learning Mandarin Chinese made interesting

We provide interesting content and learning tools to help you accelerate your Chinese learning.

We believe the best way to learn Mandarin is to make it interesting and to use a variety of resources.


Starting from our absolute beginner course you can learn everything you need to know to master Chinese. This includes pinyin, tones, characters and more. The first lesson Pinyin and Tones introduces pinyin and the four tones which are vital tools for learning Chinese. The second lesson Pinyin Table includes a chart of all the pinyin. Clicking on any of the cells in the chart/table enables the user to listen to the first tone, second tone, third tone, or fourth tone if that pinyin has those tones. This lesson is a great way to learn and practice the four chinese tones. The Next lesson of the absolute beginner course is Chinese Characters. This lesson briefly mentions some general info about characters, like how many there are, home many are needed to be literate etc. It explains and shows the difference between simplified and traditional Chinese Characters. It teaches users the rules for character stroke order, and briefly mentions how to type chinese characters.

In our HSK1 course you can start from knowing no Chinese and work all the way up to mastering all of the HSK 1 vocabulary and grammar. The HSK1 course lessons start by showing you new vocab with the characters, pinyin, audio, translations, and example sentences. After the vocab section there is a monologue or dialogue using all of the new vocabulary. The monologue is translated and also has recordings from native speakers. The final section of each lesson is the grammar section. This section highlights new grammar stuctures that showed up in the lesson. The grammar section includes an explanation and example sentences to help you figure out how each structure works.

Our HSK2 course follows the same structure as our HSK1 course, but since you already have a solid foundation in Mandarin Chinese (pinyin and characters). This course increases the number of new vocabulary words per lesson, and the dialogs and monologues increase in length.